I Regret

I Regret!! Sometimes all you need to do is learn from your mistake and move on in life, regrets will be there for various reasons but what makes us a better individual defines our personality. It was Me! My Fault! I was responsible! But I will comeback Strong

The Night!

The Night!   There is some connection between you me and rain, I love it when you are drenched and looks sexy in vain, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, The night has finally come for my love towards you.   Ah the way you shied away, When I was staring at you from […]

Life Is a Game!

Life Is a Game! Life is not black to white and white to black, You get your luck and sometimes it’s out of track, It’s not the time to get tired or you will be fired, Life is a game my friend to be played till the end. We both will be burnt under the […]

Brave Soldiers!

Brave Soldiers! A tribute to our National Heroes on this Independence day! Happy Independence  day to all the readers. Leaving their family and home, Moving to safeguard country’s throne, With all the courage and strength, Hats off to the brave soldiers our countrymen.   How they fight for the peace and well-being, Irrespective of the […]