You found me or I found you

Ever wondered how did a relationship which you would have never imagined in your dreams would come out so good? This piece of poetry is for all the people who has a special person in their life.   I am in that state of life that, I feel I am dreaming, You have become my […]

Yes I am Selfish!

Have you ever been termed as a person who loves just being You. You do not interfere in anyones life and yet you end up being the focus of everyone’s attention doing nothing. This is a short shout out to all the people who have the problem with dealing through these hurtful comments Yes I […]

Running Away!!

Running away from the reality,   Running away from the reality, Drowned in the sun, Walking towards your foot prints, Watching over the turn, I left my dreams and desires, You were the one to aspire, The echos of the words unspoken, Running to the ocean, I still could not find you, I still could […]

Fear No More!

Fear no more! Have you ever been in a situation where you are so afraid that you cannot take a step forward and feared that things might go wrong? Read this poetic brew and it will let you conquer your fear   You have been thinking lately to move, The new city, ┬ánew friends and […]

Tribute to A Woman!

Tribute to a Woman!   A storm withheld, a sun which never sets, The love of nature and kindness at its best, The world knows how you quest, Oh Lord! you made a woman so perfect!   She plays so many roles, A daughter, a mother, a wife and best friend, Wanting always the peoples […]