Career hunt in Bangalore? Here are 5 non-conventional ones!


Bangalore is the hub of technology. It is said that if you throw a stone in Bangalore, it will either hit a dog or an IT professional. Although most of the people who’ve just completed their Engineering or even their 12th standard, suffer from E.L.D. syndrome, which forces them to think that they should end up as an Engineer, Lawyer or Doctor. If you want to make some good bucks while you reside in this beautiful city, but not the orthodox ones, here are a few suggestions.

1. Acting


Acting has always been an attractive career option; and with the proper passable thespian talent, one can make a career out of it. Stage personality, innate grace, high degree of imagination, sensitivity to empathize with the role (also, a pinch of luck and few years of struggle) are the basic attributes required. And places where this talent is appreciated? National School of Drama, Vasanthnagar! The best out of the best. All set then? Lights! Camera! Action!

2. Bartending


With the leisure and theatre industry booming, the Bartending profession has moved to a centre stage. There is an increasing demand for bartenders on cruise liners which are ready to pay top-dollar pay package. One can easily earn up to 40,000 INR with good knowledge of the art of mixing drinks and cocktails for customers after assessing their moods and preferences. If you’re good at dancing and juggling glasses and bottles in the air, party animals are ready to pay anything from 5-20K per night! Big Pitcher in Hal IInd stage, Church Street Social in Church Street and Fenny’s lounge and kitchen in Koromongala. These are the places to visit if you want to shake, stir, toss and Go!

3. Choreography


If you think you got the ‘Moves like Jagger’, you could profitably become a Film or a video choreographer. All you need is the ability to interpret the music in terms of quirky dance moves. For choreographing a song in Bollywood, one can be paid up to 1 LAKH! And for a fashion show, well, 2 LAKHS! Minds in Motion in BTM 2nd stage and D’cruze Dance studio in Indiranagar are looking for you mate! YES YOU! So, You Think You Can Dance?

4. Entrepreneur


It’s Bangalore brother. You are in the right place! Can’t work from 9-5? Tired of sitting in one cubicle? Too smart to work for someone? Hate your boss? Want to make something out of the box? Congratulations! You have the ‘Entrepreneur Syndrome’. Got a ‘Million Dollar Idea’? Then just get your resources together along with few like-minded people and start your (ad)venture. Just don’t stop, never give up and “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

5. Radio Jockey


Hello and welcome! If you have a voice that can tease, inspire, cajole with a chatty disposition and a dash of humor, this might be just the career for you. It can bring you friends, fame and you can influence people. There are several private radio stations which are ready to pay 15-20K INR per month for beginners in Bangalore. Building your profile and years of experience can bring you 5-8K INR per show! Love thy Listeners. Radio Mirchi. It’s hot.



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