She called me to her home at night and…

My confession – She called me to her home at night and…

Note: Based on a true life incident

“Come inside”, she opened the door and let me in.

She looked beautiful in that dark brown night-gown and loosened hair.

I was in my early twenties at that time and she was in her early thirties. Her husband was mostly out-of-town because of the continuous transfers. Her son was sleeping.

I went inside her house.

My heart was throbbing, this was the first time I was alone with a gorgeous lady at night.

“Feel comfortable” she patted my back looking at my nervousness

“Can I have a glass of water?”, I asked because of nervousness

“Ofcourse”, she said and hinted me to follow her to the kitchen

And what happened later on was the most memorable experience of my life.

We made love in the kitchen, in the drawing-room and her bedroom.

She was all mine.

This continued for three months until her husband came back and she shifted with her husband to another city.

That was the most thrilling encounter of my life and sometimes I feel guilty of making love to a married woman.

This also made me think I would never leave my to-be-wife for long time alone.



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