A Brown’s Girl Guide to Gender

‘Boys don’t want to hear about vagina bleeding. Vagina only meant to be fucked, breasts only meant to be sucked, the mouth is only meant to blow. It’s true. I know’, says a Mumbai-based poet Aryana Johar in her unapologetic tone.

Her beautiful piece of work expresses the misogyny we hold against women. This is what it sounds like when a brown girl speaks her mind. Watch the clip below!

She also mentioned the case of Nirbhaya in her poetry.

Not just me, my mother sisters, friends all quicken their pace post 8:30 in the evening. My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often, Nirbhaya and more, left forgotten, said Johar.

She then asks the audience:

We don’t want to be another of India’s daughters, do we?

She then sheds light on her personal experience.

 So I wear my jeans long and wear my tops high. Don’t show my cleavage or a hint of my thighs. Don’t want to be mistaken for wanting it.

No wonder this clip has gone viral on the social media attracting more than 24 million views. She is passionate about poetry and is interested in pursuing a degree in psychology.

I hope my poems make a difference at some level, she said in her interview with Hindustan Times.

Using her poetry she spreads awareness about mental health and feminist issues.

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