Breaking news: Yet another terror attack in India


Another attack

Not even some days have passed after the Uri attack, and another terror attack was aimed at India. This time it was a CRPF petrol and some policemen who were attacked. Even after the surgical strike that India carrie out, Pakistan is not sitting back. The attack was in Kashmir Shopian area. The attack did not cause any casualties but it was of course, uncalled for. India has been patient for a very long time, and even after the surgical strike; Pakistan is not calming down.

Terrorists attack police, CRPF patrol party in J&K’s Shopian

Posted by The Times of India on Friday, 30 September 2016

The main question here is why Pakistan is pulling such cheap tricks on us. A Facebook post says (and I agree), that the rat has been biting the lion’s tail for a very long time. The surgical strike was just a roar, and god forbid the rat if the lion attacks back. It’s good for the people of Pakistan, and the country itself if they stop doing these. Because of the Indian army does strike back again, this time mercy will not be shown.

The situation in hand

This again raises questions in governance, as even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi did carry out the surgical strike; the attacks in India has not stopped. Has Pakistan lost it’s fear? Narendra Modi has to do somethings to keep Indian in check. The first thing that he has to do is stop making bonds with Pakistan. They have caused enough harm to out armies and heroes and it’s time we give them a taste of their own medicine.


Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier said that Burhan Wani was not a terrorist but a martyr. We are still waiting for him to call the other terrorists martyrs as well. It has become very clear that Pakistan is behind all these terror attacks that are carried out in India. However what is not clear is that for how long will India be quite. It’s time we did something because patience is indeed running out. Our Prime Minister has to also take steps; and just words are not going to help. Those words have to be implemented and put to use. A plan action has to be drawn; because we know our Indian Army are ready to take on the challenge and win it.

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