Brazilian town full of just women, looking for men. Boys, pack your bags.

‘I haven’t kissed a man for a long time. We all dream of falling in love and getting married’

The houses at the place are colored lilac, pink and orange. The trees and buildings are painted and delicately manicured. The smell of fresh flowers is always in the air.

Everything in the area of Noiva do Corderio which is deep in the hills of southeast Brazil, has a female touch.

With just one problem. No men. Yes you heard that right. The town is pretty awesome place to stay, but the ratio of men to that of women is very very less. They even made this post on their Facebook page and they were a instant hit. You all know boys, and if you are one yourself I am sure you are buying the tickets.

In the first day when the town’s peculiar problem became the hot news in the late August, the community’s only public phone present rang 1000 times in one single dat. This was according to a girl their names Rosalee. Most callers were of course not speaking Portugese and none of the people residing their could understand them.

The Facebook page of the town gathered many likes over some days. From nearly 500 likes, it went upto 15000 likes. 90% of the messages were of men offering themselves as husband materials.

One from Tofy Guesti, posted this week, reads: ‘Hi, I’m 31 years want to come to your city then get married !!!!!! Who will contact me.’

Another suitor, Redzep Kurtic, wrote: ‘I asking for help… I wana (sic) marry some girl from Noiva do Cordeiro… I am 22 years old, and I am from Serbia… Please can someone hellp (sic) me to make some conntacts (sic).’

The girl called Selma told:

‘You wouldn’t cope. Almost everyone who lives here grew up like this, they have no problem living in such isolation. At night there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, apart from getting your pajamas on and cuddling up.

‘Anyone else would get bored pretty quickly. It might seem like an ideal existence, especially if you find a beautiful young wife, but it wouldn’t be long before you’d be missing the life you’re used too, I can guarantee it.’

We all really hope that men reach the place and liven the place up. And if no one is responsible enough, let me all tell you I just booked my tickets.

Watch the video on this here.


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