5 Brain Damaging Habits You Must Stop Immediately

Fascinatingly, a human mind has 85 billion neurons, which carry out nearly five trillion chemical reactions each second. And with the facilitation of these chemical reactions, our mind facilitates the function of contemplation and action by transferring commands to various organs of the body.

Now, imagine what would happen if this authority center of human coordination system lose control and gets impaired? Clearly, everyday functions of different organs will be hindered, leaving us paralyzed in some or the other way.

World Health Organization (WHO) has arrived with its list of brain destructive habits that hinders the growth of a human brain and affects the familiarity of life to a great extent. For those of you who are naive about these habits and its effects on the brain, here is an anthology to create awareness.

1. Skipping breakfast – If you skip your breakfast, you are prone to have a low blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of essential nutrients and minerals to the brain which could lead to increased probability of brain hemorrhage.
2. Overeating – Overeating habit doesn’t only give you a bloated tummy but also hardens the arteries of the brain which leads to decreased mental power.


3. Smoking – Yes, you read it right! Smoking defoliates the outer layer of the brain which is responsible for language, memory, and perception. It can even lead to ‘multiple brain shrinkage.’


4. Air Pollution – It is a well-known fact that the brain takes up the maximum amount of oxygen in our entire body. Due to air pollution, the supply of oxygen gets disrupted which can further lead to a drop in the efficiency level of the brain.


5. Sleep Deprivation – While we sleep, the cellular structure of brain alters to get devoid of the toxins which are built up in a day. Deprivation of sleep prevents the release of these toxins which leads to the death of brain cells.

Closeup of young business man yawning during meeting with colleagues in background

The brain is the most multifaceted yet influential part of the human body. It is the one that guides us on when to do, what to do, and how to do. It stays lively even while our body is sleeping and refreshes us by deleting all the superfluous memories of the day.



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