Boyfriend Tried to Drug His Girlfriend for His Sexual Desire and This Is What Happened Next!

While I was wondering why marital rape considered as LEGAL in India, here comes a story on a whole new level. Well, some people cannot just curb their sexual desire and I just do not understand why! Mind you, being in a relationship does not imply that you can get sex as per your desire.

The biggest deal breaker in a relationship is Cheating. If you cheat on your partner, it is simply not acceptable. And here’s what a Quora user has to say about her past relationship:

I had been with my boyfriend for about 5 months at this point, and his sex drive was still as active as it had been when we first got together. I don’t mean he had a normal, healthy, sex drive. No. He wanted sex all day, every day: when we first woke up, before going to work, as soon as we got back from work, right before dinner, right after dinner, an hour after that, right before bed. Sometimes he would wake me up in the middle of the night to have sex.

Needless to say, I just couldn’t keep up. While his sex drive remained the same, mine was dwindling. However, I did want to at least try to compromise with him, and we decided to buy herbal libido pills to help raise my sex drive.

I took the pills for about 2 weeks with no improvement. My sex drive remained the same. I decided to stop taking the pills since I didn’t believe they were working. He was not happy about it.

And here’s how the story goes further…

One morning, my boyfriend decided to make me coffee. I was in the next room and heard, what sounded like, a pill being dropped into an empty mug. Immediately I thought of the herbal pills. When he brought me the coffee, I asked him what he had put in it, hoping he would admit what he did. He told me sugar and cream, but mentioned nothing about the pill.

I looked into the mug and saw an oily residue accumulating at the top of the coffee. I asked him what it was, and he said he had no idea. I looked into his mug, noticed there wasn’t an oily substance in his, and confronted him about it. I told him I heard the pill drop into the mug and that I was absolutely disgusted with him. He finally admitted it, but didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m sorry, but putting a substance into my coffee that I didn’t want to take, just to satisfy his own desires, is so disgusting.

I could never look at him the same after that, and we broke up shortly afterward.

She also made an edit to the answer and tried to explain a crucial thing, which everyone should keep in mind.

Edit: I’d like to thank everyone for the upvotes and the comments! However, there are a couple of comments that make me sick to my stomach.

I tried to keep up with his abnormal sex drive. It didn’t work. If he was so hell-bent on finding someone that had an equal libido, then he should have broken up with me instead of ‘drugging’ me! There is NO excuse for a man putting an unwanted substance into a female’s drink for ANY reason, let alone so she would have more sex with him. Shame on you who feel like that’s OK!

I agree with her. It is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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