Bombay High Court Considers Making Maths Optional for Class 10

First things first, Bombay High Court recently considered making Maths an optional subject in Class 10 so that students can clear school and easily go for graduation. This sick news right here might come as a sign of relief to a majority of students in India.

Of course, there would be people who do not necessarily agree with this news and let me tell you that I am one of them. Yes, I personally feel that exempt from this subject will induce sluggish behavior among students.

Yes, Maths is definitely not an easy subject. But correct me if I am wrong, all it requires is practice. So this ‘choice’ will sooner become an escape route from all the hard work.

Also, now let’s come to another aspect. You can’t argue that Maths improves the efficiency of the brain. There’s a reason why every aptitude and IQ test primarily contains questions that require a thorough understanding of this subject.

Also, you cannot escape from the fact that Maths is an integral part of our everyday life. From balancing the checkbook to estimate the landing of an airplane all require calculations. Duh!

Maths improves your accuracy in work. It boosts your problem-solving skills. In addition to this, the level of Math taught in class 10 is pretty moderate and basic.

Let me quote what life has taught me so far to make this idea more clear.

To make a strong athlete even stronger, you train them efficiently. You don’t remove hurdles from their paths.

In my humble opinion, Bombay High Court should consider making changes to the pattern of Examination instead of the curriculum. That solves the problem pertaining the students more than eliminating the subject once and for all.

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