how blocking Facebook at my work has helped me

Facebook (Blocking facebook)

Its everyone knows that Facebook is a great platform to keep in touch with friends and family. Not only that it helps tremendously in your business too. There are 100 benifits of using facebook that I can tell you right away but this article is not meant to be that way.

Why using Facebook on office is a bad idea?

When you have Facebook (or any other social networking site for that matter) What I believe is that your work to time graph are usually broken. Something like this.

work time

So basically this means. as the time passes by, you are progressing in your work and then because of a stupid notification from Facebook, your interest tends to move away and you stop doing work.

So If you disable Facebook this is what the graph will look like

work time

So just by blocking Facebook I am able to increase my productivity and learning by 70%. ofcourse the lunch time is important and so are other breaks like tea.


I just don’t want to tell you the problem and run away. I wanna help you guys to do what I did if you want to do it.

I highly recommend you guys to go ahead and install this add-on for free. (This article is not sponsored by them). So its an unbiased suggestion.

For Firefox :

For Chrome :

Both tools offer numerous options including blocking websites only for a specific time period.

Both tools also helps you to block any website that you want to. There is no prefix list of websites. You can go ahead and make your own list.

For eg :

If you dont wanna open any sites extention or dont want some add webiste to throw these random websites on your screen. go ahead and make a entry like this


There will be the time of the day where you badly want to check Facebook, try resisting it. and you will see the difference in a couple of hours. The work productivity will go up.



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