Bisht Please! E01 – Ordinary? Naah not at all!

Bisht Please! E01 – Laugh at the girl’s misery

TVF Presents Bisht Please nailed the woes of every girl next door, it has got everything, the heart break, the ordinary girl tag, that mean friend, age old arrange marriage fear and fun on the run!

The perfect cast of this series is a big add on. Nidhi bisht plays the perfect character of the girl next door, yet her fate is so cumbersome that we can’t help but just laugh out loud at what she goes through

key take aways

For E01 – her boy friend’s girl friend

Heart break : While she is stuck up with a dumbass boyfriend who leaves her for another girl leaves her with no choice to end her live-in relationship with him

Arranged marriage?? : Going through the heart break she still goes to work and her friend gives her advise to go back to her boyfriend or she will end up doing arranged marriage

Power over love : As expected she goes back to her boyfriend to take him back so that, she has more power in the relationship what she gets in return is something is totaly unexpected

Cinematography : TVF is known for its larger than life sets, yet in this story of a good girl getting through the bad world has a perfect picturisation of today’s world.

Extra points for Neetu’s friend Soham and dumb boyfriend-Donny with the dumbest girlfriend Parnika very well potrayed.

Here is the link for the video

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