Beware of Apple product fraud on Facebook groups

With today’s rise in people fooling each other, a new face has come up who has been scamming people for quite some days now. So be prepared for the same! I shall be sharing some details about the same, and how exactly he has been fooling people.

One person found this lady on the Business India Group on Facebook and mistook her to be authentic.

She posted that she was selling iPhone 6 for just Rs.40,000. Any person can fall for that, and we would not blame you. But to be safe from this lady, I shall be sharing how she cheated this particular person.

She posted images of “Best Buy” with her Skype ID and other contact information as well. For someone, this person might just look authentic since the contact details have been shared.

This is the conversation that took place between the victim and the lady.

Her: What do you want to buy?
The victim: iPhone 6 plus gold.
Her: That’s Rs.40,000 her but I shall give you the same for Rs.30,000.

She sent a fake invoice of her company “Best Buy” and she told that the required person has to pay 75% of the amount in advance such that request can be processed.

The following account details were given by the lady:

ACC NO: 3930381349
Then after sometime she sent the fake shipping details.

Sometime later she again got a message that she would send him/her 3 pieces of iPhone since she would not get any profit from just one. And that if she bought 2 iPhones, the third one would be given free.

When checked the package transit was from UK and indeed there were 3 pieced of iPhone.

When the victim asked for her contact details, she gave the this: +14044109705

The next day she sent a message that the iPhone was at Turkey and she had pay the whole payment now. So the Victim did and after 5 minutes the Victim got the message “Go away, Fuck off.”

So people please be aware from this lady. People have been talking of going to the FBI. But take preventive measures from the beginning itself.

The original post that was written by the victim is here: Original post.

She also tried to fool one of my friends, but fortunately enough he did not fall for the trap. So next time if this lady messages you, or you get a message of this kind, be safe and do not fall for the trap.




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