Will you be my Joey please?

Best friends

Best friends. Ah, the bliss of the world. Because every Jon Snow needs a Sam, every Monica needs a Rachel, every Chandler needs a Joey, and every Ted needs a Marshall. Yes, we all wouldn’t have survived without our best friends. They have been our partner-in-crime, our confidante, our parents, our brother (sometimes sister too) and what not. If it weren’t for them, we would have successfully managed to embarrass ourselves publicly. Thank you for handling enough shit for both of us

This one’s for my one in all. So here’s one just thanking you, my best friend.


Thank you for being my fashion critic, if it had been you, I would have worn that red dress with those yellow shoes.

Thank you for making me understand the virtue of confidence and making me give that speech in front of 200 people.

Thank you for being there through everything. Be it stupid breakups or job interviews.


Thank you for not judging me while I sing, dance, cry or order ten sandwiches for myself.

Thank you for helping me through all my stupid boy problems; you made me understand why he didn’t deserve me.
Thank you for saving me from emotional and nervous breakdowns I have had experienced now and then. If it weren’t for you, I would not have followed my passion.

Thank you for literally ordering me to text you as soon as I get home.


Thank you for helping me choose an appropriate Facebook profile picture now and then.

Thank you for telling me to delete stupid posts and photos before anyone could see them and think I am a crazy bitch.

Thank you for teaching me how the taxes and economy works. I would have flunked that economics paper.

Thank you for not telling anyone I didn’t know the capital of Japan.

Thank for liking all my Facebook and Instagram posts, including the ones that you tell me privately you don’t like.

Episode 7 scene 2d

Thank you for threatening my stupid girlfriend to take of me and treat me well. Even though now she is scared of you punching her.

Thank you for taking me out when I was depressed. Thank you for all that free food too.

Thank you for being there when I was ugly crying. From deaths in Game of Thrones to ‘I think I have cancer’.

Thank you for always having a Kajal in your bag. How the actual fuck you do that? (This one’s for the girls, boys don’t pay attention)

Thank you for telling me that I seriously need to do things with my life. I am where I am, only because of you.

Thank you just existing.

Now save me from that all that drama you will undoubtedly carry out when I tag and dedicate this post to you. Please don’t get weird. I love you.

Have a best friend? Tag them and let the world know your love.



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