You know you are a conventee when…

Schooling is the most enjoyable part of everyone’s life. It is a place which moulds your character. Being raised in a Convent school has its own perks. Well, if you have been a conventee at some point of your life, you surely can relate to these points:

  1. You cannot behold yourself from correcting grammatical errors and wrong pronunciations – This is something your school has always focused upon; the usage of correct grammar and punctuation. So, all this while you grew up to be what people often refer to as ‘Grammar Nazi’.
  2. Cursive was the only form of handwriting everyone must have – This is something you can surely relate, no form of handwriting except cursive was used. It was done in order to help you improve your form of hand writing
  3. Moral Science was always given more importance than any other subject – Be it Science, Math or History, but none of these subjects aced their importance as much as Moral Science did. Regular classes on Value Education were held to make you into a better citizen.
  4. You found it exciting to explore the buildings where your sisters and trainees used to live – You surely must have found it fascinating to explore the places where your nuns and other trainees would reside if you have been a conventee.
  5. You tried to peep inside your sisters head scarf to check out her hairstyle – This was something you just couldn’t refrain yourself from trying, after all it seemed so fun!
  6. You have dressed up as an angel at some point of time – Be it on the occasion of the Christmas Carol play organized in the School or fancy dress competition you can easily re-collect memories of dressing up like an angel.
  7. You have never had any sexual education classes – A big No to Sex Education classes was always observed. ‘Sex’ was something associated with the adult world and there was no need of students to learn about it during the school days.
  8. You still remember and hum some of the hymns and Christmas carols – You grew up singing hymns during the prayer time during your days of Schooling and this is something which you can’t ever forget.
  9. Things such as tucking in your shirt, oiling your hair and wearing clean shoes were observed as strict rules to be fined for – Anything that is associated to being In-disciplined in the campus premises was strictly fined and there was no escape from this!
  10. So it took a while for you to adjust in college – All this time, you grew up to be a sincere student and with the abolishment of some or all of the rules in the college, it took you a while to adjust, but no matter what you remain a Proud Conventee!







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