A Beggar Approached SRK and His Reaction Will Take You by Suprise!

Shahrukh Khan is referred as King Khan for all the right reasons. What he did a few days back, multiplied my love for him by a hundred times. An ideal king is supposed to be humble in his deeds and modest in his actions.

While the other celebrities of Bollywood do not prefer to move an inch without their vanity van, SRK has set an exemplary of what a person should do. SRK is known to be large-hearted and if you aren’t convinced yet, read out what happened recently here.

Recently, Shahrukh Khan went to meet Aanand L Rai to discuss about business at a restaurant in Mumbai, where a beggar came to him, pleading for food

Not only this, the man further went on telling him about how eagerly he waited to catch a glimpse of Shahrukh Khan. Even though SRK might be the biggest star of Bollywood, yet he is aware of his humble beginnings. Being the man who he is, he not only greeted him properly but also asked his team to get something for the beggar before he left in his car.

The people who witnessed the entire scene confirmed that SRK’s bodyguard, Ravi immediately arranged food for the beggar. Now, that’s what we call an act of kindness.

You have got to watch it, to believe it for yourself.

SRK is a Raees in the true sense of words, isn’t he?

We appreciate his efforts. In spite of being a big star, he is still connected to his roots.



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