Beer lovers, gather around. Get ready to buy a beer for just Rs 10.

Bandstand Bistro

Summers are here. Holidays have started. 1+1 is 2, and when you add these two things, a chilled beer is the need of the hour. And what better than a glass of chilled beer for just Rs 10? You think we are kidding, sorry folks we are not. Delhi people these the right moment for you. And people who absolutely love beer but live far away, catch a flight brothers. Crack open a cold one!

Bandstand Bistro at Hauz Khas is the place which is offering beer for just Rs 10. Thinking that this must have a lot of terms and conditions and we have to buy something like a bottle of Johny Walker to claim this offer? Well, you are wrong! This does not have any terms and conditions applied! Get beer for just Rs 10 (exclusive of taxes, but how far can the taxes go?), and that is it.

There is just one condition which Bandstand Bistro has put. And that is that you have to pay your for beer glasses with Rs 10 notes. That is not rocket science, is it? So folks of Delhi and Hauz Khas, the offer is valid until 5th of this month. Basically just 4 more days! Get your 10 rupees notes together and run like there’s no tomorrow. Because when a beer glass is for Rs 10, it’s okay if we don’t have a tomorrow!

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