The beauty of Arjun Kamath Photography

Stories via his photographs

I am sure all of you have a “photographer friend”. A friend who clicks your best pictures with his DSLR so that you can change your Facebook profile picture. But how many times have you come across a photographer who writes stories through his photographs.

Stories so mesmerizing and beautiful that the reader gets pulled in on his own. Stories so enchanting that you will keep wanting for more and more. Stories so subtle yet so alluringly, that it is difficult to describe them in the mind.

The genius behind the lens

Today, in this post I shall tell you about one such photographer. Arjun Kamath. Yes, he is the one who makes sure that he portrays his passion of photography through the magic that is his words.

As Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter has said “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”, Arjun Kamath has truly put the magic of words and has weaved one of the most beautiful masterpieces.

One of the masterpieces

Let me give you one of my personal favorites by this man, and then you shall truly understand the true exceptional skill this man possesses.

It was a beautiful morning and the little town was drenched in honeyed tones. As Adil maneuvered the scooter into the temple lane, his feeling of remorse grew. Although Adil was anxious about getting to his new job on time, he regretted having lashed out at Durga at home. Unable to find the right words of apology, he had remained silent throughout their journey. When they reached the temple, Durga immediately hopped off the scooter, not wanting to irritate or delay Adil any longer than necessary.

Consumed by guilt, Adil leant forward and gently touched Durga’s face. “I’m sorry…” he whispered.

Durga immediately placed her hand on his, and pressed it to her cheek. She said, “I’m sorry, too…” Her eyes moistened.

Adil continued, “You know I didn’t mean to scold you, right?”

Durga’s lips curved into a small smile as she nodded slightly. “But it still hurt,” she chuckled as she dabbed at her eyes.

Adil heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll see you this evening then? Maybe we can go out for dinner,” he suggested, as he looked down at his watch.

Durga squeezed his hand. “Why don’t you come inside, Adu? It’ll only take two minutes. We’ll pray quickly!”

Adil tenderly tucked Durga’s hair behind her ear. “Not today sweetie, I don’t want to be late! I will seek the Lord’s blessings tomorrow,” he said.

Durga took a deep breath, “I’ll pray for you; everything will be fine,” assured Durga, as she hugged him tightly.

“Love you, stay safe,” he whispered, looking straight into her eyes before he sped away on his scooter. Durga stood outside the temple, waving her hand until Adil’s scooter disappeared from sight.

On this new day, a fresh, gentle breeze caressed Durga’s skin. As she walked down the steps to enter the century-old Ambavati temple, Durga thought that it seemed even more deserted and lonely than usual at this early hour.

At the same time, in another area of town, Hari, Kanja, Kavi and Darpad were meeting at the edge of their neighbourhood to decide how they were going to confront Pradhan in the temple. The discussion was unproductive, but nonetheless, the boys left for the temple. Kavi had been angry ever since Mr. Pradhan had ordered them out of his office the previous afternoon. His father, Sikandar Gagan was scheduled to return soon and he was worried about how to answer Baba, if and when he questioned him about his exams. Kavi, the most anxious of the lot, took his frustration out on Darpad, accusing him of not trying to help his friends. Darpad’s late father, Mr. Dhindra, had once been the dean of Ambavati College and therefore he felt that if Darpad had really tried, he would have reached out to his father’s former colleagues to help resolve the hall ticket issue.

Kanja and Hari had defended Darpad, saying that there was not much he could have done, particularly as Mr. Dhindra had been such an honest man. They felt that Mr. Dhindra’s friends would have been as honest as he was, and therefore wouldn’t be of much help in this situation. That said, they both understood Kavi’s nervousness and fear, but managed to convince him that it would be best if they focused their energies on threatening Pradhan instead of blaming each other. The four boys were just a couple of miles away from the Ambavati temple and had worked up the worst temper of their lives.

The Awakening – his latest project

Don’t you just feel like reading on and on and smile at the beauty of the words and the photograph? That is the true magic, Arjun Kamath has contrived through his stories and pictures.

Arjun Kamath is the one who is behind the lens and the pen of some world renowned projects like Coming out and Avani. He has already started working on another project and it is as pious, pure and mesmerizing like his previous works. The Awakening is that project which has put many to scratch their heads and smile deep down in their souls as no one has yet been able to predict the end. A true masterpiece by a true genius is what this is.

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