How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, the Youtube sensation has come out of her way and tried something totally different. Guess what? She has published a book. This book is a record of the experiences she had to undergo.

She mentions,

This is me Lilly Singh and that’s me knocked out of life. Life absolutely kicked my butt. I was depressed. I lost friends. I had no goals, no job, no spark. I had no fight left in me. I honestly thought it was all over, and then something changed…

Here is a small teaser of her book which will show you how the only inevitable force that can drive you to conquer the world is self-determination.

Amazing isn’t it? Also, look what she shared on her Twitter handle.

On March 28th, the book was officially out and has sold a lot of copies worldwide.

A few days after the release of her book, Twitter is flooded with messages like these.

Conquer Life, Be a Bawse!

Shake it off. I repeat, shake it off.

Do you want me to list down any more reason of why this book is a MUST read?

Unleash the Superwoman within you.

Be a #Bawse

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