The Award Winning Speed Date

In this busy world whether it is for career or for some other social activities; all of us are constantly occupied with something or the other, leaving us with no time to focus our concentration on LOVE. When our mind remains so engaged with so many things, we tend to neglect our love life. So this is when Speed Dating comes into scene.

Desperate to meet the man of her dreams, this girl goes through many writings, she constantly searches various ways to get her dream man.

In spite of all these, she doesn’t find her prince charm and the last hope she had was speed dating. We all have been hearing hell lot of myths and facts about Speed dating, for which she hesitates to go for it, but as she had no choice,She goes for it and in this process ,she goes to an event and interacts with couple of characters there.

But after the meet, she keeps thinking if being single is not so bad.

She realises the truth that it is the most effective method of knowing someone for an affectionate relationship, when she meets a man, who like any other random guy, is not perfect but she sees that charm in him. In that short time between the bells to switch the partners, this man notices that she was feeling cold the entire time and cares about her. He is ready to share a part of him so that she feels comfortable.

In this video, the concept of speed dating is shown in such a nice way that it makes us feel loved in spite of limited time. Speed Dating makes it possible for individuals to find their soul mates. Moreover, unlike online dating, here you can get to know the person you want to date and probably spend the rest of your life.

Have a look at this award winning video for its very beautiful story and this will definitely change the concept of ugly speed dating to a delightfully beautiful speed dating

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