Arnab Goswami opens up the reason behind leaving Times Now… And its Karan Johar

Arnab Goswami was setting the agenda of news television with his classic debate News Hour on Times Now, for over ten years. With his new dimension to news, he gave a platform to common people to express their views on different issues.He had targeted many issues that were against India and had supported the country with his aggressive questioning nature. His sudden exit from Times Now came as a shock to many. It created various conjectures with no valid conclusion.

However, it seems we finally have an answer! In an interview with Man’s World India magazine, he has open up to give some clues to all those conjectures.

When he was asked the reason for exit from Times Now, Arnab said,

“I don’t believe in journalism in which a film director can call up a media proprietor and then shivers go down the spine of the media proprietor. I feel truly sad when some film director calls up a media proprietor and says, ‘Why is this channel asking questions about me, and about why Pakistani artists are acting in my film?’ and the media proprietor gets scared. That’s very unfortunate.”

It seems to be direct reference to the very famous director/producer Karan Johar. On 23rd September, 2016, Goswami hosted his TV Show in which he had focused against Bollywood showing soft corner to the Pakistani actors despite the brutal killings of Indian Armies in Uri. It was the very time, Karan Johar’s Pakistani Actor starred, most awaited movie, Ae Dil Hai Muskil was on its way to hit the big screen.

Just some days after this debate against Bollywood especially karan Johar showing sympathy towards the Pakistani actors, we heard the news that Arnab quits Times Now. The firm and bold Goswami has guts to go through any obatacles with his words. Then why would he tolerate when Somebody tells him to do something, as we all know he has his own and unique journalism.

As per Arnab’s interview, we can make a guess that the famous Director had called to the channel and this might be the reason that made Arnab take a decision to quit the show.

Later, he also added that he is going to start his private venture which he will name as “The Republic“. He will own and operate this by himself.

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