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Arjun Bharadwaj

Some days back, we heard about Arjun Bharadwaj. The 23-year old who jumped off a 19th-floor building in Mumbai. But, sources say that he may reach out to some people on Facebook; those people who were around him. Many reports have suggested that Arjun was extremely depressed before he released his final goodbye on Facebook.

This boy hailed from Bangalore and was a student at the Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he committed suicide. He had also left a note where he said that alcohol and drug use had taken a toll on him.

“We will talk to his friends, family members and we will ascertain why he took the step,” senior police inspector Pandit Thakare of Bandra police station said.

When asked if police would investigate the drug-abuse angle, Thakare said,”We will try, but I don’t know if his friends will help us.”

The good thing is, after this incident, the Mumbai Police issued a series of tweets with the hashtag ‘WeAreListening,’ offering help to whoever was facing depression. “We could be your 3 AM friend,” offered some of the tweets. “Always better to speak up than give up,” said another.

But truly enough, helping people with depression is not something we should leave to the police. Statistics say that one of every twenty people face anxiety and depression. And as a part of a society, the responsibility also falls on us to help those who are under the clutches of such social stigmas. Always remember, help a friend out of depression; because he can take steps which you cannot even imagine. Empathize as well as sympathize with him. Don’t make jokes about his state, that is the worst.

These people are all around us. When asked how they are, they will respond with an ‘I am fine.’ They are the ones who fake a smile. They are all around us, the people who just smile and say no to parties or social gatherings. The people who say they can’t make it to dinner because they are busy and it’s a Sunday.

The person could be facing personal problems, and we are not telling you to intrude in their personal lives. No, but you can always lend a helping shoulder to them. Ask them their problems, make sure they do not go through that journey alone.

Or, the person could be suffering from depression.

Not everyone who seems sad is depressed. Sadness and depression are two very, very different things.

So make sure, that you help people out. He might be sad or depressed. Anything. Sadness might lead to depression; who knows. So help a friend in need, because the world needs people like these.

Watch the video here. The sentences he says, they bring tears to my eyes.




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