Apple’s next phone might be made of glass

Glass phone

A glass phone?

Imagine a phone that is not jet black or not even pure white. Just imagine, the phone is made out of glass. Amazing isn’t it? Technology has taken us so forward today, that even phones that are made from glass are not a very far future. What tick us off, is the new glossy look on Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

The glossy yet jet black finish of the phone, made us think what if the next phone that Apple makes; is made out of glass?

The most knowledgable Apple analysts agree to this, and say Apple might just do the same during the coming release of the next iPhone.


The reason why this can also be a fact, and not just something that we made up today is; it is according to a research note distributed to the clients on Monday by the team of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The reasons

When asked why glass phones might even be made into a reality, the answer is really quite simple. People today love the new glossy finish of any phone. People loved the color and the texture of the new iPhone. Especially in China, people love the new glossy and shiny finish. And since Apple has such a huge market there, an experimentation is obviously called for.


Moreover it’s easier to make the glass phones than the Aluminium ones.

Apple is also having trouble to produce the glossy iPhone 7, since raw material is another factor.

If glass phones are a trend Apple start, it will soon be easy for them to acquire the raw materials. Should Apple take this up, we will surely see a greater durability and a great toughing glass which the consumers will surely love. The drop test will also be great, since the whole of the body would be made by glass.

Will other phone companies go glass too?

It does indeed mean that if Apple goes for a full glass body iPhone, the other phone companies will also follow suit. Kuo suggests that Apple might use stainless steel materials for the glass to be held together; but of course these are all rumors. We do not know anything for sure; until Apple makes an official announcement.


Apple does use some stainless steel materials for their high end Apple watches, but the same has never been implemented on phones.

It will be interesting to see how Apple makes use of such technology in the manufacturing of their phones.

Reports do say that Apple is not the only company that will be making glass phones in the near future. In fact many people are saying that other companies might even beat Apple in making the glass phones; and that will of course not be good for Apple.

Whatever it is, we hope to see better technological advancements happening in our day to day life. We would love to see a great glass phone coming in the market; and let’s see whether Apple will be able to do it or not.




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