Apple Airpods: Price And Durability Affecting Sales

Even though dealers have allegedly reported a rush in Apple’s recently launched wireless headphones — AirPods — sales, the marketplace has been a resolution of concerns about the price, sound quality, and durability of a product said a media report.

Analysts alleged that Apple has done a “misstep” while some critics called it as “user-hostile” and improvident.

“Analysts said that Apple is in front of a battle to induce consumers to switch to wireless headphones after having scrapped the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7,” reported by The Guardian on Tuesday.


On Wednesday, Apple launched its new iPhone exclusive of the headphone jack which meant that iPhone 7 users have to buy a wireless headset or perhaps, use an adapter to attach wired headphones along with the battery port.

The company is going to sell its own wireless headphones at a cost of $159.


“The hammering of the headphone jack is expected to divide opinion. The expensive AirPod earphones are a part style proclamation, part expediency but Apple just did not seem to land a swaying validation for the bold move. The headphone adaptor helps viaduct the gap but suggest a lack of commitment to something publicized as a courageous step,” Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at price evaluation service said.

“The removal of the headset jack is, in our view, is not a major issue for creating any trouble. The adaptor may make linking traditional headphones fiddlier but for most customers, this will not be a noteworthy barrier to paying for,” Neil Saunders, the executive of retail consultancy Conlumino, added.

The verdict to scrap the conventional headphone hole has also provoked anger among analysts on social media.

Many people have put an online petition criticizing Apple for scrapping the headset jack, and claiming it will create “mountains of electronic waste” as people toss out their old headphones.




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