All hail China!


While we sit here in India, facing problems to get cash out of ATM’s guess what China has done. With so many lines in front of the ATMs and the banks getting longer with each day, there just doesn’t seem to be enough new money for everybody.

Lucky are those people who have got there money in terms of 500’s and 2000’s because not many are able to. Not some days earlier, my father called me and said that he had to wait for 2 hours to deposit his money. Damn, I tell you. Me living in a hostel, I am not facing such a problem. But the fact remains that the people of India are.

So let’s take a lighter note now, let’s see what our neighbor has done. Yes, they have done something with our new currency notes while we still struggle to get some of those.


They have printed purses which have our currency on them! Yes you heard that right. While we are struggling to get the money out of ATM’s and thinking whether to stand in the long queues, they have printed purses which have our currency notes printed on them. Think we are kidding? Have a look yourself.



The notes seem pretty legit right? Yeah yeah we know what you are thinking. All hail China all right. Keep following Dailyblogvlog for more awesome updates.




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