Akki vs the Lil goons.

Akshay Kumar had been seen fighting against a dog in the film Entertainment as the dog creates a lot of troubles for the actor in the film. However, in real life the Khatro ka Khiladi is a big time dog lover and he himself takes care of a couple of his pet dogs.


In an interview with a newspaper, Akshay had said “I have three dogs myself and have fond memories of my childhood with them. When I was five, my father gifted my sister and me a sheepdog. Now, I have two German Shepherds named Oaky and Clio at my Mumbai home while, a Labrador looks after my villa at Goa.” 

The love for the dog runs in his family. His son, Aarav, once was in grief and cried on the demise of his pet dog who grew up with him.  Akshay Kumar is so fond of his dogs that the actor once walked the ramp with his dogs and it certainly looked super cool.

In the very latest video posted by the Akshay, we can find him fighting and playing with tiny pugs. Who wouldn’t love to see this side of the Khiladi playing with little goons as he mentions in the post.

Watch the video here: 



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