7 reasons Why being single is Awesome!

7 reasons Why being single is Awesome!

Everyone wants to have a partner for life but the joy of being single should never be compromised by committing to a wrong relationship. Here are the seven reasons of Why Being Single is Awesome!

  1. Commitment not required: You don’t have to be constantly in touch with your partner and commitment is not required. You become a free spirit – Doing what you want and with the attitude of to hell with the world!
  2. You can be you: No need to think of impressing others, changing your habits, self improvements or leaving whatever you like. You can be just ‘you’ wherever you are and with whomever you are!
  3. Time for Family and friends: You get plenty of time to spend with your family and friends. Last minute plans with friends or family leads to execution without checking with your partner!
  4. Self-contained : Pamper yourself, fly high, get into the new hobby, development mode, be on the shopping spree, binge on the chocolate ice cream without thinking about anything. This will give you so much self-satisfaction when being single.
  5. No need of approvals : That constant fear of whether she/he will like the way you are dressed, the crazy gang of your friends or your irritating relatives will not haunt you at all. There is no need of approval from your partner’s end as you are single.
  6. Check out on others : Whether it’s that hot chick or that handsome men in blue without any trouble, You can go gaga talking about them, flirt around and feel good about yourself as being single gives you so much space to check out other people without the guilt of cheating in a relationship
  7. Independence : You learn so much Whether it’s from driving back late night home or buying your own groceries. You move on with all the motivation or sleep on the couch when you are lazy. You never have to depend on other person to take your own decision. Being single makes you more independent of your choices, decisions, likes/dislikes and much more!

There will always be time to be in a relationship but the freedom which comes in singlehood cannot replace anything else.



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