7 Reasons why drinking Beer is good for you!!

7 Reasons why drinking Beer is good for you!!


Beer! Wonder why you never knew about these facts while drinking beer. Check out now ‘Why Beer is Good for You’


  1. Kidneys healthy : Believe it or not. Beer helps your kidneys healthy. The digestion becomes more easy and flow of fluids in your body becomes smooth. According to a survey the people who drinks beer occasionally has reduced risk of suffering from kidney stones when compared to those who doesn’t drink.
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol : So you were worried about your bad cholesterol-the LDL levels. Grab your beer mug and say goodbye to bad cholesterol. Beer helps in reducing the LDL levels of your body keeping you healthy.
  3. Increases vitamins b1,b2,b6,b12 : Tired of taking vitamin supplements for vitamin B deficiency, beer is the remedy for it. Beer has proven to have the vitamins B1,B2,B6 and B12 say bye to your medicines for the same.
  4. Helps in sleeping : As beer has lactoflavin and nicotinic acid it helps to relax your neurons and leads to better sleep. Insomnia can be treated with beer.
  5. Boosts memory : According to a survey people who drinks beer once in a month are less likely to have memory loss or suffer from Alzheimer.
  6. Glowing skin : Applied so many things for that glow on your skin and still not satisfied with it, beer will bring that glow on your skin as it is rich in controlling pigmentation and gives you smoother and radiant skin
  7. Get high : What more you can ask for when you want to get  high! Bring that beer home and indulge in a small get together at home get high and release yourself from all the tensions and worries!

Having said that, drinking and driving is not advised. Diabetics should consult doctor before drinking. Apart from this, occasional drinking, once or twice a month should be good. As it is rightly said that, ‘everything should be in limits, anything excess always brings troubles’



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