5 things only extroverts can relate to!!

5 things only extroverts can relate to!!


Yes so you thought you are the one who is excited about life and adventure, or you know someone who is an extrovert,  you can relate to these five traits of the extrovert people :


  1. Excitement : Extroverts are the most excited people on earth. It could be anything from birthday party to a road trip excitement is always on the cards for them. They are excited and they keep the excitement alive with their group.
  2. Making new friends: Making new friends for the extroverts is like a cake walk. They make friends very quickly and their friend list is realy long. They have different categories of friends like the foodie friend, the partner in crime friend, the chating friend the list goes on from tea break friend to movie-time friend.
  3. Limelight : Extroverts enjoy attention they always like to be the center of attraction for any party or get together. The idea of less number of people or loneliness turns them off. They are very social and have that x-factor to be in the limelight.
  4. Sense of Humor : Extroverts do have excellent sense of humor. They love to make people laugh and they laugh along. They take things sportingly and never miss out on any opportunity to flaunt their sense of humor. They bring lots of joy in a dull environment.
  5. What’s Next : The question of what next keeps on arising in the mind of an extrovert. Being in a birthday party he/she will be planning another vacation abroad with the friends. They are always ready to make plans and execute them, as they are excited people they also pull in others for the plan. They believe in the mantra of ‘what’s next’ and keeps moving on!!

Its always fun to have that extrovert friend in your life or be the one amongst them. Share with your extrovert friends whom you can relate to and let them know how lucky it is to have them in your life!!



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