4 Phones You Can Consider In Place of Your Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You must be already aware of what’s going on with the Galaxy Note 7. All the phones were recalled due to exploding batteries. Samsung has promised to provide S7 Edge and the remaining refund cost once you return your Note 7.

Here is a list of 4 devices you can consider in place of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


    Galaxy S7 edge can be considered as the closest substitute you’ll find for the Note 7.  In addition to this, if you trade in your Note 7, S7 Edge is one of the phones you can get for free of charge. At 5.5 inches the display isn’t fairly as big as the Note 7’s 5.7 inches, but it comes pretty close enough. Also, with 250×1440 resolution, S7 Edge has more pixel density.

  2. Google Nexus 6P


    The Nexus 6P is a marvelous deal. If reduction to a 5.5-inch display isn’t your thing (or perhaps you are not in need of Samsung right now,) the Google Nexus 6P is another implausible pick. Also, it has the same display size as the Note 7 at 5.7 inches at the same resolution and also 3GB of RAM.

  3. LG G5


    The LG G5 steps downward even further to a 5.3-inch display, but almost every other aspect of the specs is similar to the Galaxy Note 7: same RAM, same processor, Android Marshmallow and an even better 16MP camera. In addition to this, G5 also has a slide-out battery that you can replace on the fly if necessary. All of this is wrapped up in questionably one of the sleekest phones on the market.

  4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus


    iOS is always steadfast and just got bundled in Apple’s nicest hardware yet. If you’re eager to look outside the realm of Android, there is no better time to switch to iOS with the iPhone 7 Plus which is fresh out of the gate. It is available in five stylish colors now — two of which are black, because why not? — and has plenty to offer. It should have an amazing performance with the Apple A10 chip and improved battery life.




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