106-years-old woman slays Youtube with her cooking skills

A 106-year-old woman has become an internet sensation.

Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh is ruling YouTube with her cooking tutorials. She runs her own channel named “Country Food” and has become the world’s oldest youtuber.

In a village named Gudivada village in Andhra Pradesh, India, Mastanamma has been able to grab attention of Youtube viewers with 2,48,000 subscribers to the channel. From this we can be assured that access to internet has given a platform to many people to expose their talents. Also, it has helped people to earn a good amount for views.

Mastanamma’s Youtube channel, run by her great grandson, is about traditional foods for which she has her own recipes. Her cooking includes everything ranging from egg dosas to bamboo chicken biryani. Her great grandson, K Laxman, is very fond of her foods. Laxman said,

On a hungry night, my friends and I prepared some food for ourselves, and we thought about starting a YouTube channel, so that people could watch and learn from these cooking tutorials. Our first video went viral surprisingly. That was when I decided to run this channel, to get people to know and understand the traditional way of cooking with fresh ingredients, with the help of my grandmother. She didn’t understand what was happening when we were filming the videos, but when she started to realize it, she felt very happy.

Mastanamma, also known as “granny-ji” is now an Internet sensation. Mastanamma chops vegetables, stirs pots and prods the fire all by herself. Even at this age, her passion for cooking is beyond words. And this passion has increased ever since she became a sensation in Youtube. Through her channel she teaches people worldwide the traditional way of cooking with her unique recipes.

Who wouldn’t be attracted to see an old lady cooking chicken in a watermelon? Surprising! Isn’t it? Watch her in action below:

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