10 reasons why girls love Dean Winchester

Who has a cooler family business than the Winchester brothers? How cool and also hot it is to hunt down things and save people? While we all love both the Winchester brothers dearly, no one can deny that there is something irresistible about Dean Winchester that we girls just can not ignore. We don’t love him only for the Jensen Ackels looks but also for various other reasons –


1) He’s that perfect big brother anyone could ever have.

So lucky of Sam to have him. He’s so protective and caring and would do anything for his little brother.

2) He’s quite a bit straight forward

He’s blunt. There ain’t no mind games with him. You know when he says something, he truly means it.

3) He’s strong

He knows how to defend himself and the people for whom he cares. He can handle guns, axes and anything you could ever dream of.


4) Those green eyes

Those eyes, man they are perfect. You can not ask for more. You can get lost in those eyes for forever.

5) He has a beautiful heart

What else do you need in a man who is strong and protective? He’s sensitive and caring and hence perfect.

6) He’s smart

Those one-liners that he throws from time to time are epic. He’s smart, witty and Mr. Funny bones too.

7) He knows how to win a woman over

He uses his charms to full extents and knows how to flirt and make any woman fall for him.

8) He isn’t afraid to show his feelings

He doesn’t think that showing his feelings would make him vulnerable and that is indeed very sexy.

9) He loves his car

His love for his Impala is incomparable. He loves it and takes care of it as much as he can.

10) His flaws

His insecurities and yet his love for his family makes him even more appealing. He’s truly perfect in his imperfections.



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