You found me or I found you

Ever wondered how did a relationship which you would have never imagined in your dreams would come out so good? This piece of poetry is for all the people who has a special person in their life.   I am in that state of life that, I feel I am dreaming, You have become my […]

Yes I am Selfish!

Have you ever been termed as a person who loves just being You. You do not interfere in anyones life and yet you end up being the focus of everyone’s attention doing nothing. This is a short shout out to all the people who have the problem with dealing through these hurtful comments Yes I […]

Running Away!!

Running away from the reality,   Running away from the reality, Drowned in the sun, Walking towards your foot prints, Watching over the turn, I left my dreams and desires, You were the one to aspire, The echos of the words unspoken, Running to the ocean, I still could not find you, I still could […]